Frequently asked questions

How do I get a new remote control?

Call our office with brand and model number.  We’ll deliver or ship it to your door in 1-2 days.

How do I care for the springs on our garage door?

Springs should be replaced every 5 years to avoid emergency service.  Don’t attempt to adjust springs yourself!

What yearly maintenance is required?

Spring-Doors should be lubricated properly, cleaned of salt and winter residue, Inspect and maintain safety equipment.

Summer-Inspect wooden doors for protective coatings/paint needs. Are there any panels that need replacement? Remember to keep your garage door closed as this is the number one access for intruders.  Replace batteries for remote controls and keyless entries.  Consider changing your code.  Call us if you need  programming information faxed  Inspect weather stripping for wear.

Autumn-Make sure the children are able to access your home via keyless entry in case of early school closing or other emergency. Practice and teach them safety measures.  Test reverse features on your door, visually inspect cables for fraying and other hardware for wear.  Do not attempt to adjust, call an experienced professional.

Time to replace your operator light bulb.

Winter- Always keep garage door opening free of snow and ice. If your garage door system shows any signs of malfunction, call our experienced technicians for immediate attention.